1st Edition Essential Oils Desk Reference for Animals - Grote Bundel - Uitgeverij Life Science Publishing

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The long anticipated Essential Oils Desk Reference for Animals is here! This amazing, full color work is packed full of invaluable, never before seen information on how to use essential oils with your animals. At over 400 pages and covering a myriad of topics and species, including horses, dogs, cats, pocket pets, birds, farm animals, and aquatic animals, this Essential Oils Desk Reference for Animals is the most complete animal essential oils guide that is on the market today. You have come to expect the very best and accurate information from Life Science Publisher on the use of Young Living Essential Oils.  Books like our best selling 7th Edition Essential Oils Desk and Pocket References are industry pillars on all things essential oils. This 1st Edition Essential Oils Desk Reference for Animals proudly joins the legacy of unadulterated knowledge offered by these volumes that have become mainstays in the essential oil community.  Now you can have the confidence of sharing essential oils with your animals or pets in the most safe, effective way possible. Purchase your copy today!    


Section 1

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Essential Oils and Animals: Overview

Chapter 3: Application

  • External Methods
  • Raindrop Technique
  • Internal Methods
  • Sample Suggested Use per Species

Section 2

Chapter 4: Single Oils

Chapter 5: Essential Oil Blends

Chapter 6: Animal Products

Chapter 7: Nutritional Support and Supplements

Chapter 8: Body and Environment Products

Section 3

Quick Reference Guide

Chapter 9: Birds (Avian)

Chapter 10: Cats (Feline)

Chapter 11: Dogs (Canine)

Chapter 12: Fish Conditions

Chapter 13: Horses (Equine)

Chapter 14: Livestock and Wildlife

Chapter 15: Pocket Pets

Chapter 16: Reptiles


Product Details:

Pages: 443

Chapters: 16

Published: 2017

Binding: Spiral Bound

Size: 11" x 10" x 1.25" (with spiral binding)